Yoga Retreats

Improve your Life Balance! Enjoy truly relaxing travel that leaves you feeling uplifted, rejuvenated, and inspired. Our yoga retreats are designed for personal growth!

Our Beliefs

  • Wherever you go, go with all your heart!
  • Eat Healthy, Live Healthy!
  • Once a year, go someplace you have never been before.
  • Every retreat we donate half day of our time for charity work at the place of retreat. 


Benefits of Yoga Retreat

  • Lower Stress , Improved memory , Better Sleep , Anxiety relief , Chronic pain relief , Healthy Weight , Lower Blood pressure , Improved concentration , Depression relief , Healthier organs . Science has found many of there effects happen immediately after Yoga and meditation. 


Retreat Includes  

  • Yoga Classes, Healthy lunch, snacks and Site seeing depending on location.


Our retreat offerings

  • Yoga ,Pranayama (Breathing techniques), Meditation , Expert Teachers, Connection with happy & healthy community.


Exclusive Yoga Retreat : Saturday, July 22, 2017


Bali Yoga Retreat - 2018


India Yoga Retreat - Coming soon



The meditation practice was amazing and I learned how to relax. After re-treat I feel rested and happy. Thank you for everything.

11th April 2015 Yoga Retreat

The movement stands out for me was Pranayam and Meditation practice. To summarize my retreat experience "Finding the freedom my soul seeks daily". Absolutely enjoyed this location. After the re-treat I feel enlightened and energized. Thank you both for organizing this retreat! This was my first retreat on my journey and it wo't be my last.

11th April 2015 Yoga Retreat

I already knew Maria ( Love sign here). The movement that stands our was Santosh coming over to introduce himself. Al the things I learned that will help me relax. I loved the venue and food. After the re-treat I feel like I just wake up from the most restful sleep ever. Thank you Santosh and Maria for sharing your knowledge with us!!

11th April 2015 Yoga Retreat

The restorative bridge pose was the moment that sounds out!! Just everything Just everything was awesome mamamia!! After retreat rejuvenated, relaxed and calm

11th April 2015 Yoga Retreat

What was most important about your retreat experience?
The soothing restorative class was great experience for me. I had been ill for a long time and suffered grief from losing people close to me. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, tired and sore from jumping back into yoga after a period of time. I loved slowing down and feeling restored. Most classes have been very active and strenuous. this was very welcome for my personal situation. Food was just great. After retreat I felt calm and relaxed. enjoyed meeting new people. yoga people are so nice.

11th April 2015 Yoga Retreat

The entire retreat was amazing and wonderful. The atmosphere of the day was most important. So many wonderful strangers coming together to share a yoga practice was an uplifting experience. The location was great. Beautiful scenery and nice to be away from the city. I feel refreshed and grounded after the retreat. Being able to attend and focus on myself was the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. Great job putting it together. I'd attend again in a heartbeat and recommend it to everyone I know.

11th April 2015 Yoga Retreat

Many stood out but scuba dive was up there given my level of passion for it. Seeing the most poisonous snake in world along with most deadly neuro-toxin fish in world along with manta rays and stunning beauty of that area.


How do you feel after re-treat? Can you share your experience? *
I appreciated the stories and information you shared that influence personal growth and positivity. They helped me to remember to focus life on those things.

Cheryl Brown

Great job, Santosh! You managed 11 different personalities and kept us all happy, safe, and retreated 🙂 Thanks for all your work to put this on!


It was the best vacation Sharla and I have ever been on together. We really enjoyed the group dynamics. Bali was an ideal location for us.


Thank you so much for your time and effort. Joe and I had such a great time on this trip. We learned that we really enjoy traveling with a group and really appreciate that you brought together such a wonderful group of people. Thank you Santosh!


Great job, Santosh! You managed 11 different personalities and kept us all happy, safe, and retreated 🙂 Thanks for all your work to put this on!


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