Oldest form of Yoga

What is the Oldest Form of Yoga?

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that can unite us with our spiritual selves and help us harmonize with our inner energies. By coordinating and uniting our body and mind, it helps us attain our inherent power and gives us the ability for self-realisation. Simple postures have long term benefits for physical and mental health! The…

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Is Yoga Good for Weight Loss?

Yoga, the ancient Indian practice is a well-known activity for improving your spiritual, physical, and mental health. It is several thousands of years old and is the practice of harmonizing the mind with your body. Yoga involves the use of meditation, asanas or poses, and breathing exercises to harness your true inner power. It is…

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How Yoga is Useful For Students

The whole world has now woken up to the benefits of yoga in all walks of life. India being home to yoga practises since times immemorial is pioneering in the field. We at Santosh Yoga Institute propound these age old virtues of yoga through holistic means. We are able to bring out authentic, age-old traditional…

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